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Xtreg insufficient observations

xtreg insufficient observations One way to check the number of panels: Code: egen group = group (lfdk) if e_sample summarize group di r (max) If you want to handle missing values differently, such as imputation, that is another story. Black and Scholes (1974) also investigated whether dividend increases/decreases influence the stock price. xtcsd, frees no observations r(2000); I reproduced the problem with a smaller data set and got the following Stata output: If not, the error "insufficient observations" would occur. I am not a Stata expert, and neither my Stata version recognizes these commands, nor does google. insufficient observations r(2001); . If I do bootstrapping with clustered standard errors as Jeff has explained I get the following error message: - insufficient observations an error occurred when bootstrap executed xtreg, posting missing values - Cam, you say that I would need custom bootstrap weights. Re: panel data : how to access coefficients for each observation in panel data with f I assume you used xtreg with the fe option. ) I want to determine if any of the 4 typologies correlate to any of the 5 levels. st: Using Rolling Regression with Panel Data. The example (below) has 32 observations taken on eight subjects, that is, each subject is observed four times. To take the fluctuations with regard to aggression and coercive interventions . I have a longitudinal dataset that has 2000 stocks as xticker (id) and dependent variable, return (t+1), with 20 independent variables (t) over 88 periods For illustration purposes, we used a dataset consisting of observations over a 15-year period (i. These data were extracted (from both trial arms) and analysed using simple linear regression. parameters are generally indicated by greek letters (α, β, σ) or by latin letters near the beginning of the alphabet (e. xtreg cd4 sptime time, i(id) re Because it is the base level. Design Rapid scoping review. Worldwide, 1. 9%) were followed-up 1 yr later in their first year of secondary school. The data I am looking is cross-sectional (individuals in different states), so I'm not sure that xtreg is what I'm looking for (though I realize that the intent of the link was probably to explain bootstrap clustering in general, not to deal with xtreg). 1 The basic idea – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on PowerShow. e. § Calculate the mean difference between the pre- and post-treatment values of the outcome indicators for each of the treatment and comparison groups. While y has a mean and variance of 1 and 1. Proc MIXED and Proc NLMIXED in SAS and the Stata functions xtmixed, gllamm, and xtreg can be used to estimate hierarchical models. g. xtreg can estimate fixed-effects (within), between effects and random effects (mixed) models as well as population averaged models. The pairwise correlation was done between price, mileage (mpg), repair record 1978 (rep78) and headroom. In total, 2. Method We conducted an ecological Wenn ich versuche fixed effects zu schätzen, kommt die Fehlermeldung "insufficient observations". only 2 observations per x after baseline. You can browse but not post. If- and in-statements come after the list of variables. However, all of the predict commands are just populating all of the groups with the constant value. 4. . (2006) reported a similar observation in Danish 9-y-olds , but several studies have reported an association in boys only, including a study in Swedish and Estonian 9- and 15-y-olds . High exposure to NO2 in the week before the start of a respiratory viral infection, and at levels within current air quality standards, is associated with an increase in the severity of a resulting asthma exacerbation. Regressing A on B will never give you any coefficients other than a coefficient on B, and in particular not coefficients for individual observations. The exposure model must account for the complexity inherent in this study design, as well as be flexible to extrapolating exposures across an occupational cohort for dose–response modelling and risk The authors consider the unique challenges associated with attrition (survey dropout), incomplete repeated measures, and unknown observations of time. 奇虎360旗下最大互动问答社区. My question is two fold. 0 ± 0. observations are clustered within schools and countries. In total, 4,709 observations are deleted. 001 or . Academia. 23 kg; P < 0. xtreg top1 demcont repcont top1lag, fe xtcsd, pesaran abs If the number to the right of “Pr” is less than . 4. The following options are available, fe: is ordinary least squares, is also known as within effects estimator. Using panel data. This approach is the default method of handling incomplete data in Stata, as well as most other commonly-used statistical software. Results of fixed-effects (Stata xtreg) models supported the finding that drinking behaviors in -creased across the middle-school years for both boys and girls (Table 2). xtreg y x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x6 I get the error: "insufficient observations". For example, suppose the coefficient for Summer is 1. 咦,这操作速度已经超过人类极限! The total number of observations in the model becomes the total number of observed outcomes and predictors on all participants at each study assessment point and so varies according to outcome being analyzed. The institution-discipline-quarter triplets constitute the unit of observation. insufficient observations. You can see it by using the allbaselevels option:. com - id: 1187e6-MDk4Y Adapted from Figure 2 of Burlig, Preonas, Woerman (2017). Let's say that again: if you use clustered standard errors on a short panel in Stata, -reg- and -areg- will (incorrectly) give you much larger standard errors than -xtreg-! whether change in travel mode to/from school was associated with change in physical activity among young people transitioning from primary to secondary school. Central tendency and Background Unsafe abortion is one of the commonest causes of maternal mortality. 1; 2018 ISSN 2576-1226 E-ISSN 2576-1234 Published by Centre for Research on Islamic Banking & Finance and Business Effect of Liquidity Risk, Premium Growth on the Performance of Quoted Insurance Firms in Nigeria: A Panel Data Analysis Lasisi Isiaka Olalekan1 1 Department of Accounting and Management, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Nigerian qui xtreg bvt11 grow1 lev1 bvt01 cumimpair1impair1 goodwill1 size1 soe1 year11 year21 year31 year41 year51 ind01 ind21ind31 ind41 ind51 ind61 ind71 ind81 ind91 ind101 ind111 ind121 ind131 ind141ind151, re est store re hausman fe stata中出现红字insufficient observations什么原因? 求大神指教! 展开 The combined dataset, (example L8) has 780,864 observations, each of the 12,840 vacancies being represented twice, with each sequence of vacancy responses ending in a 1 at the point where the vacancy is filled for a ' filled ' risk, the 'lapsed' risk is right censored at this point and vice versa for a ' lapsed ' risk. The null hypothesis is that residuals are not correlated. I am interested in how child characteristics (e. xtreg y x1 x2 x3 x4 x5, fe. Methods One thousand three hundred and seven final year UK primary school children (11. If you only have 2 years, that's not enough. The data in this paper are collected as follows: (1) the green patent data are from the State Intellectual Property Office website and Baiten’s official website; and (2) the data on government subsidies and enterprise-level variables mainly comes from Wind Observations (Person-Waves) used the xtreg command in Stata with the a lack of moderating role of neighborhood context or insufficient power to detect this 2. These observations show clearly how circumstances shape the effectiveness of mRDT implementation. g. I'm using the and xtreg,fe and xtscc,fe commands on stata. I furthermore have a hard time understanding what you want to do. In case the researcher wants to observe the number of observations (N or sample size) i. fixed effects estimation) has recently been modified. 0005 for model inclusion and I try to keep VIF <20 in my group of candidate variables when running automated model fitting procedures. insufficient observations. The problem i face is all independent variables are omitted in case of xtreg fe and insufficient observations is the response i get when i try xtreg re. 1,355 observations are deleted under (a), 13 under (b) and 3,341 under (c). com/ I then declared the data to be panel on Stata. 4. yr opensw5yr landlock5yr airdist5yr tropicar5yr inf5yr wardum5yr, re. The complete sample included up to 13,333 observations ( N = 8,658) pooled over waves 2014 and 2017. after estimating a fixed effects model), the values on e that I get after typing ''predict residuals, e'' change over time, while the values on u that I get after typing ''predict residuals, u'' do not change over time (but only between countries). Central Banks at War - Volume 69 Issue 1. list ctry ppol6595 if ppol6595~=. vivax infection and disease in the children. As such, the data set can be considered unbalanced panel data. Physical activity was measured These should be highly comparable to the baseline survey, both in terms of the questionnaire and the sampled observations (ideally the same sampled observations as the baseline survey). If there was a trace of exaggeration in the estimate of that seasoned English economist who declared the federal reserve system “worth to the commerce of America more than three Panama Canals,” nevertheless, it must be conceded that, in the crucial test of a world war, it was found to be more indispensable to civilization than three times three It turns out that, in Stata, -xtreg- applies the appropriate small-sample correction, but -reg- and -areg- don't. 91 cm; P < 0. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effects of risk assessment on aggression and the use of coercive interventions in an acute psychiatric admission setting. 5 and we leave out Spring. Inspired by their use of point images which match a specific parameter set, I have done generated some of my own. 05) obs Output for pairwise correlation in STATA. e. In addition, we evaluated nurse behaviour before and after the use of risk assessment. The introduction of the random effects induces a particular covariance structure for the observations. An interesting observation in our study is the stronger association in 9-y-old girls than in boys. N falls and GMM approaches become problematic (insufficient groups and too many instruments). More detail is provided here. 0 overall = 0. I have over 1200 observations from content analysis (text mining) My dependent variable is a count of words relating to one of 5 levels (a,b,c,d,e. 49828899 364 groups omitted from estimation note: some groups have fewer than 2 observations not possible to estimate correlations for those groups 5 groups omitted from estimation insufficient observations r(2000); . iu. Dear Experts, I am using xtreg fe and xtreg re on my panel dataset of 2921 firms. race not_smsa south, allbaselevels Random-effects GLS regression Number of obs = 28,091 Group variable: idcode Number of groups = 4,697 R-sq: Obs per group: within = 0. Figure 1 is what we are often times thinking our data should look like in our heads. 4 Other models. 不知道为啥提示我insufficient observations呐郁闷死!!! 我用的命令是: xtset company_id date 然后提示我是weakly balanced xtreg y v1 v2 v3, fe 然后就提示我出现错误:insufficient observations 谁能告我这是怎嘛个回事!小妹我感激不尽呐! The coefficient for each indicator variable represents the mean difference between each level and the omitted level. Weiss jemand wie ich dieses Problem lösen kann? xtset lfdk wave xtreg CCHappy sportsclub MCSex MEdu MInc MUrban CAge, fe storage display value variable name type format label variable label Evidence of risk assessment procedures is scarce and inconclusive. ***rht1monarch: classified by Hadenius, Teorell, and Wahman 2010 via the QoG dataset in a given year as a monarchy ***rht2military: classified by Hadenius, Teorell, and Wahman 2010 via the QoG dataset in a given year as a military regime In Stata, this is done with the xtreg command and by designating a panel variable (i. 10. In 2018, the population-weighted percent of opioids prescribed using EPCS was 27%, up from 0% as of 2013. wisc. As you have written it now an observation is included if it is simultaneously from state 10, 5, 6, and 13, and obviously no observation meets that criterium and 0 observations is not quite sufficient to estimate an -xtreg- model, which is what the error message complaints about. benjamin said: thanks for your help. e. Prior research has documented a strong and positive correlation between completed education and adults’ mental health. 1 The basic idea. The study reported separate paired observations of pain over time and morphine dose over time. socio economic status) relate to child obesity. 1016/S0015-0282(00)01723-4 2020-06-11 00:00:00 Numerous epidemiologic studies have evaluated the relationship between sex hormones and chronic diseases such as breast and endometrial cancer, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis in postmenopausal women (1) . Hi everybody - thanks in advance for any help, I have an assignment due next week where I need to run a multivariate logistic regression and I've been coding all of my variables to either binary or continuous but on a scale from 0 to 1 and have succeeded in all but one - my income variable. In this FAQ we will try to explain the differences between xtreg, re and xtreg, fe with an example that is taken from analysis of variance. See Figure 6, below, for details. I assume you have x1 at start, 1 year and 2 years; x2 at the same intervals etc. For all of them X has a mean and variance of 1 and 11. Researchers often describe this relationship using causal language: higher levels of education are thought to enhance people’s skills, afford important structural advantages, and empower better coping mechanisms, all of which lead to better mental health. We report on a randomised This is an observation that has been confirmed by many others, e. com † xtreg This command estimates longitudinal regression models. This data was collected in 8 countries and within schools (about 200 schools), i. 979). r(2001); and once I applied Frees test as follow: I want to use xtreg to get the random effects intercepts for individual groups and their predicted values. Additional insights from Table 2 reveal that, on average, a contestant has faced at least one DD clue before, although over 65 percent of our sample observations are first-time DD clues for the player. See what’s new in Stata 10 (items 4, 5, and 7 in particular) and in Stata 11 (the fourth bullet point in particular). 1005 min = 1 between = 0. You can browse but not post. The aim was to assess the effect of implementing malaria rapid diagnostic tests (m RDTs) on prescription of anti-malarials in urban Tanzania. ie. 4 yr) were recruited, of whom 953 (72. 2. xtreg— Fixed-, between-, and random-effects and population-averaged linear models 3 force estimate even if observations unequally spaced in time SE/Robust vce The xtreg command fits a random-intercepts model by default, “Note: groups are dropped due to gaps or insufficient number of observations”. Of the 334 participants who entered the study, 31 participants were excluded from the analyses because they did not meet the diagnostic inclusion criteria, 12 (9 patients and 3 controls) because of insufficient number of valid ESM observations (<20) and 9 because of missing PANSS data. , b for a regression coefficient. Finally, we list the 20 most common clue categories, which will be included in our I am an Economist at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in Washington, DC. Hallo Tom! Vielen Dank fuer den Text, es hat mich sehr geholfen. To my surprise I cannot do an xtreg delay_mean and labs because labs are my panel. Serum 25-OHD concentrations were deficient (<11 ng/dL) in 4% and insufficient (<32 ng/dL) in 55% of the children with IE before the KD , similar to otherwise healthy children in the same region . If I do xtreg delay_mean on cities once more, they are no longer significant. Table 3. 377 kg, 95% CI = −0. Their method randomly applies small disturbances to individual observations to gradually move the data to match a target preference set. Figure 2 is a situation in which there is a nonlinear relationship between x and y which should be examined. My dataset provides individual weights with adjustments for non-response etc. I get a message: insufficient observations. When I regress the model, . xtreg grsh5yr puregc5yr pinstab5yr dem5yr rgdp5yr tyr5yr bmp5yr tot5yr invsh5. My main research interests are in Empirical Banking and Corporate Finance. The KD food supply is deficient in vitamin D and calcium, and the protocol requires supplementation with a multivitamin (200% AI vitamin D and 500 mg elemental calcium) and additional calcium to achieve the AI ( 34 ). Re: st: "insufficient observations" with xtreg. 3305 max = 15 Wald chi2(6) = 6509 This should be expected and makes a lot of sense -- the country dummies could =0 for all observations in the bootstrap sample if the country was not drawn! If you are really trying to estimate the coefficients on the country dummies, you are going to have to find another approach than bootstrapping with K clusters if K is the number of countries. For more, see: help xtreg postestimation. 57 cm, 95% CI = −2. The y-axis of the left panel shows the realized power, or fraction of the simulated "experiments" described above that reject the (false) null hypothesis; the y-axis of the right panel shows the realized false rejection rate, or fraction of simulated "experiments" that reject the true null under a zero treatment effect. 4. 785 - 800 , 10. Another issue is the exclusion of certain variables for which there are insufficient observations. This was mainly due to health workers from intervention HF being transferred to control HF during the study period. The time intervals have to either be more frequent or you need more years to perform it this way. 23 to −0. Due to the large number of observations I typically use a cut off of around . For instance, it means that some combinations of the coefficient estimates would have zero estimated variance, the effect similar to collinearity among regressors. Policy effects, regression method 1 _____. Abortion-related maternal deaths are higher in countries with the most restrictive abortion laws. r(2001); There are not enough common observations to perform Frees or Friedmand tests. 56% of the complete sample transitioned into informal caregiving (N=547). I have declared the data to be panel by xtset ID YEAR. View Notes - 142_S1_stata primer from ECON 2302 at Arizona State University. This is not as drastic as under-identification of a linear regression model if you have fewer observations than explanatory variables, but it still is a rather unpleasant effect. Home; Forums; Forums for Discussing Stata; General; You are not logged in. 2, No. As such, 2306 observations were ultimately obtained, corresponding to 589 enterprises. * within regression via xtreg 3 use xt, clear xtreg y x, fe * 7. ECLS-K longitudinal sampling weights are utilized in all models to adjust for an oversampling of Asian and Pacific Islanders and nonresponse. Why do I get this error? Is this maybe due to the short time period or due to missing observations for some individuals? Many thanks in advance. An if-statement restricts the command to certain observations. e. Many line items possessed fewer observations. I try with different specifications. After that I conducted the test as follow:. 4. – coffeinjunky May 26 '16 at 10:34 See full list on scorreia. com/notafraid. 05 reject the null hypothesis that the residuals are not correlated. obs, then the command is: pwcorr VariableA VariableB, sig star(. 001) were significantly lower in South Asian babies Observations are not independent Violation of independence assumption (independent and identically distributed errors) and use of standard statistical methods Incorrect standard errors Clustering primarily affects variance or precision of estimation rather than bias (unless individual-level associations between factors Observation lagged one year behind infant mortality rate. 1. OLS regression coefficients reported. edu I might add the following: In Stata 12, after using the xtreg command (i. See full list on ssc. The maximum number of monthly observations for a line item was 36 months. 09. Methods The design was a prospective collection of routine statistics from ledger books and cross-sectional surveys before and after Objectives Our objective was to review the literature on the inferred duration of the infectious period of COVID-19, caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) virus, and provide an overview of the variation depending on the methodological approach. 52 to −0. , 2002 to 2016) from 101 UK listed companies and examined the direct effect of R&D expenditures, corporate governance, and firms' characteristics on performance. Note that genmod does not report finite-sample adjusted statistics, so to make the results between these two methods consistent, you need to multiply the genmod results by (N-1)/(N-k)*M/(M-1) where N=number of observations, M=number of clusters, and k=number of regressors. Ich habe aber gemerkt, dass man kann auch noabsorb schreiben anstatt temp=1 zu erstellen. 39. insufficient observations的原因?,用2001-2007年的工业企业数据库做面板分析,费了很大劲把数据都整理好且合并后,“xtset id year”之后用xtreg回归,结果提示“insufficient observations r(2001);”,可是用reg命令就没有问题,请问各位专家老大这是什么原因? Not enough common observations across panel to perform Pesaran's test. g. webuse nlswork, clear xtset idcode xtreg ln_w grade tenure i. 1. 7 percent of our DD observations concern a female player. It will give m Hướng dẫn mã hóa dữ liệu đầu vào cho panel data và mô hình Fixed effect, Random effecthttp://nghiencuudinhluong. by Linter (1956) as mentioned earlier in this section. stata执行命令后提示insufficient observations XTREG 你用的REG不是面板数据的回归分析,而且没有观测值 所以提示no observations r(2000 American Finance & Banking Review; Vol. This might indicate cultural differences, even Ivo Mueller and colleagues examined the association of Southeast Asian ovalocytosis with Plasmodium vivax infection by genotyping 1975 children enrolled in three independent epidemiological studies conducted in the Madang area of Papua New Guinea and assessing P. xtcsd, pesaran abs show. I have a cross-sectional data set with about 8000 observations on child obesity (eg BMI). The y-axis of the left panel shows the realized power, or fraction of the simulated "experiments" described above that reject the (false) null hypothesis; the y-axis of the right panel shows the realized false rejection rate, or fraction of simulated "experiments" that reject the true null under a zero treatment effect. Conflict over biomass energy development in the United Kingdom: some observations and lessons from England and Wales Energy Policy , 32 ( 2004 ) , pp. Period under study: 1st quarter 2000 to 2nd quarter 2012. Literature review with fixed search terms, up to 1 April 2020. Effects) Effects) for a linear model, the data matrix (column list of row vectors for each observation) is usually denoted by x. 1016/S0301-4215(02)00342-7 Article Download PDF View Record in Scopus Google Scholar Cross Validated is a question and answer site for people interested in statistics, machine learning, data analysis, data mining, and data visualization. Login or Register by clicking 'Login or Register' at the top-right of this page. 2 Linear regression. patreon. The models take into account that the observations on these subjects are not independent. Using 1 year of data: xtset group // set panel xtreg outcome, re predict u predict xb . A diet low in saturated fatty acids and rich in wholegrains, vegetables and fruit is recommended in order to reduce the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus. However there is widespread interest in high-fat (“Atkins Diet”) and high-protein (“Zone Diet”) alternatives to the conventional high-carbohydrate, high-fibre approach. The random effects are assumed to vary from patient to patient according to a probability distribution. / Tharshini On Fri, 17 Sep 2010 13:55:09 +0200, Ulrich Kohler <[hidden email]> wrote: > Am Freitag, den 17. Model 1 Model 2 Model 2 (Random (Fixed. 5 units higher than Spring observations. We use the xtreg command in STATA. If my goal is to simply explore which labs are taking the most/least time to report 6 thoughts on “ Two-way clustering in Stata ” Luis Schmidt 1. define a dummy variable for Group B stata出现错误insufficient observations,我的是非平衡面板数据,输入xtreg命令时,出现错误insufficient observations。但是我检查了我的数据都是数值型的,想请教各位我的到底哪里有问题? The XTREG command with the FE option (ie. insufficient observations r(2001);" The dataset contains 1005 companies x 21 years of possible data = 21,105 rows. I don't understand what this means. The measure of central government budget balance, government revenue minus government expenditures, limits our sample to 140 countries with an average of 10. Results Anthropometric characteristics show that birth weight (mean difference = −0. 3 Logit and probit models. Background Presumptive treatment of all febrile patients with anti-malarials leads to massive over-treatment. 4. In addition, the adjusted analysis has fewer observations when there is also additional missingness in the independent variables. , the respondent) to recognize the potential dependency among a respondent's multiple observations (spatial autocorrelation) in the policy capturing design. My research interests include Banking and Corporate Finance; with a focus on banking competition and how it relates to consumer and firm credit access. ) My independent variable is a count of words relating to one of 4 typologies (y,z,w,x-order does not matter. 4 million children die each year from preventable diarrhoeal diseases, and some 88% of diarrhoea cases are related to unsafe water, inadequate sanitation or insufficient hygiene. Re: "insufficient observations" with xtreg If you only have 2 years, that's not enough. Login or Register by clicking 'Login or Register' at the top-right of this page. Cooper et al. 9 The most important causes of death in children younger than 5 years were infectious diseases, especially pneumonia, diarrhoea, preterm birth Adapted from Figure 2 of Burlig, Preonas, Woerman (2017). xtreg y x1 x2 x3 x4 x5, fe. In that case you can use predict with the u option. Examples: edit var1 if var2 > 3 Opens the data editor, just with variable var1, only for observations in which var2 is greater than 3. 001) and length (−1. xtcsd, fri no observations r(2000); . EEP 142 Lecture notes Stata Primer Villas-Boas - Spring Semester EEP 142 intro to Stata Villas-Boas Sofia. An interesting observation was the "contamination" of the control HF with some of the key messages from the training activities. Fixed Effects Estimation (xtreg command with fe option) by Stata FAQ - explains why there is a constant term in the estimation The posted link discusses this issue, as well as giving an example for xtreg. Home; Forums; Forums for Discussing Stata; General; You are not logged in. e. Our data included observations on 50 states and the District of Columbia over 9 years, yielding a total of 459 observations. You can also use an in-statement. Abstract. The time intervals have to either be more frequent or you need more years to perform it this way. The results showed a strong linear correlation between pain and morphine dose (coefficient of determination = 0. 001. Using simulated data based on 4 waves of the Marital Instability Over the Life Course Study (n = 2,034), they applied a fixed effect regression model and an event-history analysis with time The Stata xtreg (version 11, StataCorp LP) procedure is used in the estimation, and the cluster procedure is used to allow for an arbitrary pattern of correlation among repeated child observations. This indicates that the Summer observations are an average of 1. xtreg with random effects ***** xtreg y x, re theta * check fit of re model xthaus * try mle xtreg y . If an observation has missing data for any one variable used in a particular analysis, we can omit that observation from the analysis. 4498 avg = 6. 1016/S0015-0282(00)01723-4 10. Objectives Many occupational hygiene surveys are designed to collect pollutant monitoring data from multiple locations simultaneously to better reflect the reality of work-related exposure. We assess whether maternal mortality varies within and between countries over time according to the flexibility of abortion laws (the number of reasons a woman can have an abortion). edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. 2010, 11:59 +0200 schrieb Tharshini Thangavelu: >> When I try to do a fixed effects regression, I get a message: >> insufficient >> obervations. edu See full list on kb. note: observations not equally spaced modal spacing is delta time = . 5 years of data per country. Hi Guys, If you want to see a more frequent video from this channel please support the project in this link https://www. November 2018 at 1:48. Due to firms starting up later than the starting year or going bankrupt, the panel is highly unbalanced and the number of observations used for the regression drops to 12206. I am an Economist at the Federal Reserve Board. Figure 3 could present a problem since there is no variation in x except one observation which drives all of the explanatory value of the regression. xtreg with its various options performs regression analysis on panel datasets. This was evident from the positive, significant impact of the seventh and eighth (grade) dummy variables for both genders in all models, all p < . xtreg insufficient observations

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